Babygoz 30th Anniversary (1989 - 2009)

Easter 1989 - 2019

30th Anniversary of Baby Goz/Count on Goz.

1st published by the Early Learning Centre.

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‘I love Baby Goz! Ageless!'

Susan Martineau, Blue Peter Book Award Winner 2018

This delightful book was for my 14 month old grandson. He loves it so much his parents have to read it over and over to him all the time. He loves Goz!

Loved! By Brenda from Australia

Count on Goz encourages young children to count (as well as read) and is the perfect accompaniment book to Baby Goz. The flap is lifted to reveal an increasing number of animaIs that are making the appropriate sounds, giving the child a chance to count upwards to five (and then to ten). Animals from the previous page are in the background of each subsequent page, giving plenty for the child to talk about. Repetition of the same question gives the young reader the opportunity to predict as well as recognise certain words. Once again, this book is printed on quality paper that helps protect it from little fingers.

Val Tyler, author

If you are looking for an ideal picture book for a beginning reader, then look no further, Goz, with its playful patterned language, is your gosling so to speak. It is great to see the little character has re-incubated; he has certainly lost none of his charm. I had actually forgotten his wonderful Knock, knock! Who's there? entry into the world; that made me smile all over again, as it has the countless beginner readers I've taught since Goz burst onto the scene over 25 years ago, and set off around the countryside search of his mummy.

Red Reading Hub

‘A lovely first counting book.’

The Good Book Guide

‘My daughters have both adored this book - to the second, not yet one year, it's an absolute favourite.
This is truly a wonderful book for the baby. Most highly recommended.’

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